781- Mercenaries 2: World in Flames – [DODI Repack]

Title: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
Release date: August 31, 2008
Series: Mercenaries
Engine: Zero
Developers: Pandemic Studios, Pi Studios, Behaviour Interactive
Awards: GameSpot Award for Most Disappointing Game
Platforms: Microsoft Windows


Massively Open World – Play throughout the varied terrains of Venezuela that is larger than all the Mercenaries maps combined.

Co-op Multiplayer – Whether split-screen or online you no longer have to go it alone. Invite a friend to jump in and help you fight your way to the top.

Work for the Highest Bidder – You decide the factions to work for, when. From one-off pickup jobs to multi-objective missions, your choices will determine which faction wins the war.

New Toys – Over 130 vehicles from civilian cars to tanks and choppers plus all the destructive weaponry you can handle from pistols to rocket launchers.

Next Gen Destruction – Take down any building and see them crumble with fantastic effects – and they can be used to take out enemy forces and change the landscape of the battlefield.

And More! – Build your own private military company with other military recruits, play above and through water, jump from hot zone to hot zone through captured drop zones.


Repack Features

Based on Elamigos Iso Release
Language : English
Repack Size : 3.6 GB
Final Size : 6 GB
NOTHING is cut, NOTHING is recoded
Installation time : 3 mins
Repack by DODI

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