1103- Imperivm RTC – HD Edition “Great Battles of Rome” (MULTi3) – [DODI Repack]

TITLE: Imperivm RTC – HD Edition “Great Battles of Rome”
GENRE: Strategy
DEVELOPER: Dinamic Games, Imperivm World
PUBLISHER: FX Interactive
RELEASE DATE: 16 Aug, 2021

Game Description
Imperivm “Great Battles of Rome”, the Old school Real-Time Strategy blockbuster from Haemimont Games and FX Interactive, is back!!!

This time in HD

10 key points to note about the new Imperivm HD

1) Seven civilizations fighting for glory or freedom
Rome, Aegyptus, Britannia, Germania, Gallia, Hispania, and Carthago.

2) Lead the battles that forged the greatest Empire of all time
Jvlivs Caesar, Avgvstvs, Cleopatra, Hannibal, Queen Boudicca, Vercingetorix, Viriathus, Arminivs…

Real ancient heroes who pass on their charisma and expertise in the troops under their command and make the difference between victory or defeat in battle.

3) Enjoy the fast-paced RTC “Real-Time Conquest” gameplay
An Old School RTS oriented to military conquest:

– Military conquest-oriented RTS
Focus on military strategy and drive your efforts on commanding your troops.

– RPG features, playing a key role in battles
The battles become more realistic when RPG features come into play.

– Storyline based on historical facts, scenarios, and characters
Each battle was designed with input from historical experts.

4)The new Imperivm HD doubles down on a “terrific” single and multiplayer gameplay
Created by joining forces with over 25,000 Betatsesters from the Imperivm World community.

5) +40% larger battlefield
Where you can lead more units and face more enemies. An even bigger Strategy and Conquest challenge than the original.

6) New dedicated Multiplayer server
Up to 8 players.
1vs1, 2vs2, 3v3 and 4vs4.
7 Civs.
90 unique warriors.
5,000 units fighting simultaneously.
Maps throughout the Roman Empire.

7) Agile and powerful Imperivm HD In-Game Editor
Create your own maps and battles and share them with your friends and/or the Imperivm World Gamers Community.

8) Command your favourite ancient army
Face your enemies with improved AI and precise and fast-paced new gameplay balance.
Republican and Imperial Rome owe its grandeur to its legions: disciplined, battle-hardened, and highly trained. Their deployment on the battlefield forever changed the face of military strategy.

The Egyptian civilization takes you to the splendor of the times of the pharaohs. Temples, pyramids, sphinxes… From your capital, Alexandria, you will have to defend your ancient Empire from the ambitions of Rome.

The warriors of the island of Britannia have two assets against the Roman invaders: their indomitable spirit and hostile terrain that favors war on their terms.

The warlike character of the German tribes kept the Roman Empire at bay for centuries. Their constant incursions made the northern border the most dangerous of the Empire.

The Celtic tribes of central Europe united for the first time to stop Rome’s inexorable advance. An unequal battle began that would test the courage and determination of an entire people.

“The first to be invaded, the last to be subdued” (Octavius Augustus). Tenacious and stalwart, their extraordinary endurance allowed them to overcome even the harshest conditions.

Numidas, Berbers, Tuaregs, Mauritanians… The warriors from all over North Africa joined the Carthaginian army, attracted by the prestige of Hannibal, one of the greatest strategists of all ages.

9) Lead Rome’s legions and relive their greatest victories
Landing in Africa – 204 B.C.
Each victory reaped by Hannibal in the heart of Italy is a further blow to the pride of Rome. The Senate entrusts Scipio with the task of attacking Carthage on its home territory. The Roman general, who defeated the Carthaginians in Hispania, disembarks in North Africa…

The Siege of Numantia – 134 B.C.
The impregnable Numantia has become the refuge of the resistance forces confronting Rome on the Iberian Peninsula. After 20 years of failures, the Senate assigns Scipio Emilianus the task of subjugating the rebel city once and for all. The Roman general lays siege to the city.

The Battle of Alesia – 52 B.C.
The Gallic War is at a crucial crossroads. Five legions, led by Julius Caesar, raise a palisade and surround the fortified hill town of Alesia. To defend itself from the Gallic army that is on its way to assist their besieged compatriots, they construct a second outer defense. Caesar’s military genius is put to the test against an army that outnumbers him tenfold…

Augustus at the Nile – 31 B.C.
Mark Anthony, supported by Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, yearns for the absolute power of Rome. An ambition that is dashed when his rival, Octavius Augustus, defeats the Egyptian fleet at the Battle of Actium off the coasts of Greece. After this victory, Augustus’ legions prepare to disembark in the Nile delta and take possession of the land of the Pharaohs.

The Conquest of Britannia – 77 A.D.
The noble tribune Gnaeus Iulius Agricola is appointed Governor of Britannia. By the emperor’s desire, he travels to the Island with a twofold mission, to pacify the southern regions and hold back the threat of the Caledonians to the north, true experts in ambush tactics.

Marcus Aurelius in Germany – 167 A.D.
The Germanic hordes swarm across the Empire’s borders and sack the Roman city of Aquilea, in the Gulf of Venice… The emperor Marcus Aurelius is not prepared to tolerate such audacity and he takes command of the largest army ever seen. The objective, to expel the invaders beyond the Danube and to end the Barbarian threat once and for all.

10) Lead Rome’s Empire enemies in their fight for Freedom
Hannibal at the Gates of Rome – 216 B.C.
Leading a force of 50,000 infantry, 9,000 horsemen, and 37 elephants, Hannibal crosses the Alps and invades Italy. He defeats the legions at Tesino, Trebia, and Trasimene and culminates this series of feats with a tremendous victory at Cannae. The Carthaginian army is at the gates of Rome itself…

Viriathus dominates Hispania – 146 B.C.
Viriathus is elected leader of the Lusitanians, the most powerful tribe in Hispania. For eight long years, he is the bane of Rome, thanks to his knowledge of the terrain and his command of guerrilla tactics. At the height of his power, Viriathus dominates practically the whole of the Iberian Peninsula.

Egypt in Arms – 58 B.C.
In Egypt, the splendor of the Pharaohs is nothing but a memory. While Rome maintains King Ptolemy XII in power, it demands abusive tributes from the Egyptian people. Discontent spreads until the uprising breaks out. Egypt takes on the might of Rome.

The Battle of Gergovia – 52 B.C.
The nobleman Vercingetorix has proved capable of unifying the Gallic tribes and leading the resistance against Rome. But fight for freedom demands sacrifice. The Gallic leader devastates his own villages, thus depriving the legions of food and supplies. This scorched-earth strategy proves successful and turns Vercingetorix into a fearsome enemy. Caesar is forced to attack his capital… Gergovia.

Arminius, the Rebel General – 9 A.D.
Rome’s dream is to extend its dominions beyond the Rhine, a territory where the Germanic tribes are wreaking havoc. The governor Publius Quinctilius Varus takes on the mission of securing a new border along the banks of the Elbe river. Among their ranks is Arminius, a general of Germanic origin, ready and willing to renege on Rome to defend his own people.

Queen Boudicca’s Rebellion– 60 A.D.
Britannia is a hotbed of rebellions, rising against the arrogance of Rome. While the governor Paulinus Suetonius smothers a revolt on the island of Anglesey, the queen of the Iceni, Boudicca, heads for the capital of the Roman province. In the face of tenacious resistance by the imperial army, Boudicca wields her sword fiercely to slice through their ranks.

Repack Features

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