Thank You all. God Accepts Your Prayers

Thank You all. God Accepts Your Prayers. I am generally OK now, all my remaining organs 😀 working well now except liver but doctors say it will be OK by time.

I spent last four days reading all your replies here in site , in youtube, Discord, reddit, emails, torrent sites, CS.RIN,  ….. but I couldn’t reply not brcause there are thousands of replies but just because I can’t reply. Currently I have a great issue in writting words or even pronounce them. Sometimes I write or pronounce words correctly and sometimes back to front, not only English but even my native language (Zulu), doctors said that happens when blood doesn’t reach some brain cells, mostly when i was in coma. Doctors again said this issue will be gone by time

As for my future. Doctors were frank more than required ” Without Spleen,  any infection is serious, on paper you can survive for six or seven years”